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Mindfulness For Wellbeing
6 week introductory course materials

Week 6

This week's meditations

This week I have included a selection of meditations for you to use. 

Please try them out and use whatever works for you each day.

The Metta meditation can be used as an add on to a normal sit, or on it's own. 

20 minutes

Splitting attention and opening awareness.

Breath & beyond
00:00 / 20:09
Body Scan
00:00 / 30:07

30 minutes

Bringing awareness to the sensations in the body.

Breath & beyond
00:00 / 30:11

30 minutes

Splitting attention and opening awareness.

20 Minutes

Bringing awareness to the sensations in the body.

Body scan
00:00 / 20:19

10 Minutes

A loving kindness meditation helping you to cultivate positive intention and plesant feelings.

15. Metta
00:00 / 09:47

This week's Mindful Activity

Each time you notice that you've come 'back to the present moment' in day to day life, find something in that exact moment that you're grateful for. This is not an invitation to block out or bypass whatever difficult feelings you might be experiencing, but rather a way of acknowledging that we can feel vastly different feelings simultaneously. You might be grateful for something as simple as having comfortable shoes, or something as important as having loving people in your life. The more we practice gratitude, the more positive and grateful we become of our lives.

This week's Videos

Could you do me a favor?

It would be really helpful to get some feedback about your experience of the course and the weekly sessions.

If you could take a few minutes to fill out this questionairre I'd be really grateful! I will use the information to improve the experience for others and may quote you in testemonials to help encourage others to attend a course.

Click here to go to the form.

Continuing your mindfulness journey

calm logo.jpg

Meditation and mindfulness can be an incredibly helpful ally throughout the whole of our lives. Now that you understand the basics and beyond, and have had the experience of having a regular meditation practice, I really hope that you will continue to grow and develop your understanding and ability to stay present and mindful.

Below are some helpful links and resources to keep you on track and take forward on this most rewarding journey!



Anyone is welcome to come back and do a second 'mindfulness for wellbeing' course at any time.  Alternatively, now that you've completed this first course you are also welcome to come along to the intermediate mindfulness course.

For future course details click here


Join My Mindfulness Updates Whapsapp Group

I run a whatsapp group which all ex students are welcome to join. I post tips, ideas, theory, links and mindful reminders every week. I also share dates for upcoming courses, retreats and activities here.


To join the group click here


I am also planning to run mindfulness retreats in the future which you are welcome to come along to. These will take place in Frome and will be run privately by myself and will therefore have an attandance fee.

Guided Meditations

All of the meditations we've used and more are available to you on my website. Just go to the 'Guided Meditation' button at the top of the page or click here to find them.


There are some great meditatin apps which you can download from the app store. Some are paid and some are free. Here's a couple which I would recommend:

Learning from experienced meditators

I have learned so much from the many mindful experts out there through podcasts, youtube video and more. People
who have devoted their lives to meditation, self reflection and self discovery and have a wealth of wisdom to share.
Below I've put a video from some of my favourite of these teachers. Use these as a way in, and when you find someone who you resonate with, search for more of their videos and podcasts.

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