& Drop in Sessions

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, all corses and drop in sessions are currently taking place online through Zoom. Face to face courses and retreats will resume as soon as it is safe and acceptable to do so. The next course is specifically for primary teachers.

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What happens during the sessions?

Each of the sessions last for one hour. We will talk a little about the attitudes of mindfulness and reflect on how our minds, emotions, thoughts and body sensations all interact with one another. We will explore the benefits of being present and aware in the moment, comparing this to what happens when we’re living life on auto pilot. 


Each session will have 2 meditations within it. These are guided meditations during which we attempt to hold our attention on a chosen focus. In doing so, we find both moments of stillness, as well as really getting to see and understand how unruly our minds are, and the effect this has on our wellbeing. These meditations help to exercise our mental ability to stay present with ‘what is’, rather than rambling off into the future or reminiscing/regretting the past. 


There’s also encouragement and resources to help you to continue your practice during the week, both of meditation and other mindful exercises. 


The aim of mindfulness is to help us stay aware and non-judgemental in the present moment. To bring more awareness to our mental patterns and help us to let them go. And for us to be able to get the most out of our lives and relationships.