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There are many meditators who are the only member of their family or social group who meditates. There are many meditators who are not part of a group or religion and always meditate alone. There are many meditators who have wisdom and insights to share with others but do not have a forum and there are many meditators who would like support and encouragement in their practice and are looking to learn from those more experienced.

This meditation group sit aims to help everyone to explore, improve, sustain and strengthen their meditation practice whether or not they are already part of a group or religion. There will be opportunity to share readings and wisdom, ask questions, make connections as well as the chance to chat, drink tea and feel part of a wholesome and growing community.

How will the weekly sessions run?

- Arrive, chat & drink tea

A chance to meet new people and catch up with friends in the first part of the session.

- 20 Minute Guided Meditation
A short guided practice of insight/mindfulness meditation suitable for both experienced and newer meditators, aimed at helping everyone to come in to present moment awareness togeher.

- Questions & Feedback
A brief opportunity for people to ask questions about their practice and benefit from the experience of others in the group.

- Reading
Each week there will be a short, thought provoking readin

- 40 Minute Group Sit

A silent, self led session giving you a chance to practice your own meditation without guidance. Participants are welcome to use their own guided recordings as long as they are not audible to anyone else. Practices which involve louder breathing techniques may not be suitable in this shared space.  

- Chatting and leaving

I aim to leave a few minutes at the end of the session so that people can continue to chat and socialise with others as they leave.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

I want these weekly sessions to be as affordable as possible and so have created a sliding scale of £5-£10 per week. You can pay with cash or a card on the day. There is also an option to pay for the whole term in one go and so avoid the need to think about the money side of things on a weekly basis. If you can't afford to pay at all, please contact me and we will find a way to make it work.

What do I need to bring with me?

Chairs are available for those who want to use them but you will need to bring your own cushion, stool and mat if you'd like to sit on the floor. A blanket is also recommended, especially during the colder seasons.

Can I come along if I've never meditated before?

The short answer is 'not really - sorry!'. If you've not meditated before I'd always recommend first attending a meditation or mindfulness course. During a course, the teacher can take you through all of the theory, answer questions and help you to reflect and share your experience at every step of the way as you establish your practice. Practicing in the wrong way without an experienced teacher can be damaging to your mental and emotional health.

It can be quite challenging to sit for the longer silent meditation if you've not meditated before. Whilst an 'in person' course is by far the most helpful way to start, you might find some good quality online courses which can get you started before attending the group sit.

Minfulness courses

I do not currently have any mindfulness courses in the calendar but am planning to offer something in the New Year.

What happens during a 6 week mindfulness course?

Each of the sessions last for one hour and a half. We will talk a little about the attitudes of mindfulness and reflect on how our minds, emotions, thoughts and body sensations all interact with one another. We will explore the benefits of being present and aware in the moment, comparing this to what happens when we’re living life on auto pilot. 


Each session will have 2 meditations within it. These are guided meditations during which we attempt to hold our attention on a chosen focus. In doing so, we find both moments of stillness, as well as really getting to see and understand how unruly our minds are, and the effect this has on our wellbeing. These meditations help to exercise our mental ability to stay present with ‘what is’, rather than rambling off into the future or reminiscing/regretting the past. 


There’s also encouragement and resources to help you to continue your practice during the week, both of meditation and other mindful exercises. 


The aim of mindfulness is to help us stay aware and non-judgemental in the present moment. To bring more awareness to our mental patterns and help us to let them go and for us to be able to get the most out of our lives and relationships. 


Next retreat: Date and location TBC

I've started offering affordable day retreats in Frome, Somerset at St Mary's Church, Innox Hill. These retreats are a chance to leave your life behind and get some breathing space for a day as we find stillness & presence, grounding in the here and now. Some experience of meditation and mindfulness is required.

The day will have moments of silence, moments of talking or listening, moments of connecting with nature, moments of reflection and a safe feeling of community togetherness.

All refreshments will be provided and we will end the day with a delicious shared meal.  
I have so many ideas of how to add an interesting and exciting spin on a mini retreat and can’t wait to give people the space and tools to ground, unwind, refresh and enliven themselves in the now!

A few concessionary places are available. Please get in touch to discuss:

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