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Mindfulness For Wellbeing
6 week introductory course materials

Week 5

This week's meditations

Becoming more attuned to the sensations we feel in the body is a vital skill in mindfulness and meditation. As adults we can often find oursleves cut off from this wealth of experience, instead experiencing the world mainly in the head and through the mind.

It can take patience at first, especially when you find that you are not feeling sensations in the way that you'd like to. We try to bring acceptance to whatever we find when we try and over time our ability to connect to the body improves in many ways.

15 minutes

Becoming mindfully aware of the sensations in the body. A vital mindfulness practice.

Body scan
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Body scan
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20 Minutes

Bringing awareness to the sensations in the body.

This week's Mindful Activity

Body Scan
00:00 / 30:07

30 minutes

Bringing awareness to the sensations in the body.

This week's mindful activities

As you go about your week, hold the intention of noticing more of the sensations in the body. A good way to do this is to start at times when there are very obvious sensations to be aware of. When in the shower or bath, when getting dressed, when walking, when hungry or after eating. Take note of all the sensations and try to shine the light of awareness on them.


Perhaps you can identify sensations in the body when you're feeling certain moods. Excitement, happiness, stress, anger and any other emotional state will have a body sensation which accompanies it. See if you can find and feel these sensations, bringing compassion and acceptance when you do.

Extra resources


This week's Videos

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