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Mindfulness For Wellbeing
6 week introductory course materials

Week 4

This week's meditations

This week we are continuing to enlarge the spotlight of our awareness to include more than one focus. Try the different meditations below and see what works best for you.

20 minutes

Splitting attention and opening awareness.

Breath & beyond
00:00 / 20:09

20 minutes

relaxing back in to the openess of natural awareness and bringing in all areas of experience.

Expanding awareness
00:00 / 20:08

15 minutes

Choosing your own focus and seeing what holds your attention.

Breath & beyond
00:00 / 15:02

This week's Mindful Activity

Try to cultivate the attitude of 'beginners mind' as much as possible this week. Look at pictures and objects around your home and attempt to find new details you've never noticed before or see them in a new light. Do the same thing with your general day to day activities and with things outside which you usually don't pay attention to. Watch as your change of perception seems to change the very world around you!

This week's Video

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