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Mindfulness For Wellbeing
6 week introductory course materials

Week 2

Pre Course Questionairre

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As part of my duty of care I have a short form I’d like you to fill in. It should only take a few minutes.

It helps me understand where people are at and helps me make sure that this is the right time for everyone to practice mindfulness.

Please complete the form before we next meet.

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This week's meditations

The length of the meditations will increase as the course goes on, stopping at around 20 minutes with optional 30 minute sessions.


In the many studies which have shown mindfulness to be a highly effective treatment for anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, insomnia and more, 20 minutes daily meditation was the minimal requirement for the data.

Mindful Breath
00:00 / 15:00

15 minutes

A heavily guided meditation following the breath.

15 minutes

A guided meditation following the breath.

Mindful Breath 2
00:00 / 15:00

The next meditation is something you can use 'as well as' the meditations above. It is less about training our minds to be more mindful, and more about improving our ability to be more compassionate to ourselves and deal with difficult situations.

13 minutes

A self compassion exercise to help people deal with difficult situations and emotions.

Self Compassion
00:00 / 12:44

This week's mindful activity

As well as brushing your teeth mindfully this week, try to find another mundane activity which you can engage with mindfully. But most importantly this week, practice being kind to yourself. See if you can notice when you're not being kind to yourself and change the script! look after your self care as a matter of urgency!

Extra Resources

Emotional First Aid Prompt Sheet

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This week's videos

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