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Mindfulness Practices

The following mindfulness exercises help us to get out of our heads and deeply experience the world using our senses.

  For each activity the overall aim is the same:

- Bring your entire focus to the experience of the senses

- Notice when the mind wanders or begins to narrate the experience

- Notice any judgements or changes in emotional state

- Bring your full attention back to the experience of the senses

By having the experience of 'coming back to the present moment' in different contexts using different senses, we create more and more 'positive triggers' in our day to day lives. 'Positive triggers' are moments in our day which remind us to come back to the moment, to be present and aware, and to pay attention to what's going on within us and around us without judgement. 


The more intentional mndful activities we do, the more mindful triggers will start to spontaneously arise in our day to day lives. We can also plant our own positive triggers by reating mindful routines - daily activities whch we decide to do mindfully.


For each acivity: Aim, method, tips, video

- Widening the visual field

- Turning to the sun

- Mindful eating

- Mindful drinking

- Mindful movement

- Mindful bouncing (meditation)

- Mindfulness of an object

- Mindful communication

- Mindful discomfort (meditation)

- Mindful housework

- Mindful reminders

- Mindful listening to music

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