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Mindfulness for Primary Teachers

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A seven week online course on Monday evenings.

8:00pm - 9:15
1st Nov - 13th Dec

I absolutely loved my 8 years as a primary teacher, but I don't know how I would have survived without mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness for me was an invaluable resource which helped me deal with the stresses and pressures of this very difficult job. Whilst practicing mindfulness I found that I was more patient with the children, more present with my family and was more able to make positive choices about my own self care. It changed my attitude and showed me where I was unnecessarily adding fuel to the fire. 

I am now running courses specifically for teachers to help them to bring meditation and mindfulness into their lives as a positive way of coping with the stress and anxiety which all too often seems to come hand in hand with this profession. These are not courses which show you how to teach mindfulness to your children. This is for you. This is to help you to find new ways of dealing with difficult emotions and mental states. To help you to find some calm away from the busyness of your mind. To help you to step back from the chaos and make decisions which lead you towards more peacefull outcomes. 

Sign up for the course and see what happens if you practice meditation and mindfulness for the entire term leading up to Christmas. Each week we will learn meditation techniques, mindfulness exercises and share our experiences of what's working in the classroom. For more information about how the session run, click here

To join the course, email me at:

Course fee: £130 payable on week 2 (week 1 is free)


It is a requirement of the course that you commit to doing 20 minutes of meditation each day (we build up to this, starting with just 10 minutes a day). 

Let’s Work Together

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San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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