About Me

I have always been incredibly grateful for the daily impact which meditation has on my life and outlook. Since 2003 when I attended the first of many 10 day silent meditation retreats, mindfulness has constantly helped me stay grounded and centered. Like so many of us in our professional lives, I have experienced extrememly high levels of stress. During my years working within the mental health and education sectors, meditation and mindfulness were essential in allowing me to keep a positive attitude and deal calmly with the pressures of the work. In my private life, meditation helps me manage the many challenges of being a father and importantly, allows me to remain present, enjoying family life and appreciating the wonder of the world around me. I've always wanted to share the power of this practice with others and in 2019 I took the leap and completed my training as a mindfulness instructor with Mindfulness UK.

I now run mindfulness courses both online and in person near Frome, Somerset UK. I also take on 1-1 clients looking for individualised guidance and teaching, and will be running mindfulness retreats in nature in the near future.

"MindfulnessUK recommends Tom Veck, he has a professional, creative approach to his teaching.  Tom has a huge amount of teaching experience that he brings to his Mindfulness and Compassion programmes together with a deep understanding of how to engage a wide range of people in activities, techniques and practices that enhance wellbeing."  Angie Ward, MindfulnessUK Head of Teacher Training.


Get Into Mindfulness

Mindfulness Courses & Drop in Sessions.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, all in person courses are currently suspended. 

If you would like to find out about the online courses which I'm running through Zoom, please email me.

1-1 Mindfulness sessions

With the recent easing of the restrictions to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor 1-1 mindfulness instruction has become possible.

I am available to run a bespoke meditation program for you and have several locations at which this can be done. 

Please get in touch for more details.

Mindfulness Retreats

Once restrictons are lifted and we are able to gather in groups, I will be running 1 day mindfulness retreats from a beautiful retreat space in Coleford, near Frome.


Contact Me

Mindfulness Now

Email: Mindfulnesstom@gmail.com
Phone: 01373813103

Mobile: 07812668172

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