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About Us

I am a qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher running beginner, intermediate and 1-1 courses in Somerset UK both in and out of nature.

I first discovered the impact that meditation could have on my mental and emotional wellbeing when I attended a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat whilst in India in 2003. I was amazed by the dramatic effect that paying mindful, non judgemental attention to my breath, body and mind could have. In the years that have followed I have kept up my meditation practice and attended 10 more of these retreats and several other meditation retreats (run in the Thai Forest Buddhism tradition).

I trained as a mindfulness teacher with mindfulness UK in 2019 and have been running regular mindfulness courses, 1-1 sessions and mindfulness in nature sessions since.

"MindfulnessUK recommends Tom Veck, he has a professional, creative approach to his teaching.  Tom has a huge amount of teaching experience that he brings to his Mindfulness and Compassion programmes together with a deep understanding of how to engage a wide range of people in activities, techniques and practices that enhance wellbeing."  Angie Ward, MindfulnessUK Head of Teacher Training.


Get Into Mindfulness

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I'm currently running beginner and intermediate courses in Frome. Click above to find out more.

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If you want to get into mindfulness but would rather work 1-1, I am available to run bespoke sessions either online or in person dependig on your location.

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Mindfulness Retreats

I have plans to run full and half day retreats in 2023. Please email me if you're interested and I'll get in touch when retreats start to happen.

Feedback from students

"In-person courses are so much more engaging and immersive than online or through apps. . After a prolonged period of virtual input and isolation, to have not only an expert tutor but also the proactive and shared experience of our group with the opportunity to share and gain from the ideas and experiences of our peers too has been invaluable."

"Through your teaching of mindful meditation, I feel that you/Tom have given us expert guidance and helped us to build our capacity to focus inward and also to recognise and reduce our self judgement. Focusing on building a hierarchy of awareness and patterns to follow has really boosted my skillset and confidence to meditate effectively and to engage mindfully at different times of the day."

"You remind us with real life examples and by encouraging us to talk, that to benefit we must find ways to schedule and prioritise this self care and awareness of mind. Resources and contact being accessible through WhatsApp group gives us the tools and resources as well as support we may need."

"This course has genuinely made a huge impact on my mental health, improving my outlook, self awareness and regaining a renewed positivity. It seems to allow me to put space and pauses into my life, to notice the trains of thought and to reduce the judgemental noise of the mind."

"I have made positive decisions and changes in my life since starting this course. I have learned to reframe frequent pain from a chronic health issue. I fully intend to continue to meditate daily but would very much like more input to develop and consolidate this important and transformative new approach to a daily routine to reduce anxiety and support both myself and my body in my personal autoimmune life journey."

"I enjoyed exploring the principles of mindfulness more fully. Doing this on a regular weekly basis has helped me to keep up with my daily mindfulness practice and to gradually extend the time that I sit. It has been a very interesting exploration and has definitely made a difference to my mental health and capacity to manage everyday stresses."

i"t was a friendly, supportive group and the content of each section was well-structured. We covered lots and there was plenty of space to talk / ask questions / get support."



Contact Me

Mindfulness Now

Phone: 01373813103

Mobile: 07812668172

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